Vishal Agencies supplies a wide range of Architectural, Glass Fittings & Furniture Fittings. Our products meet the specific needs of residences, offices, kitchens, bathrooms and furniture manufacturers. An extensive network of dealers spread across India with dedicated counters ensures timely and ready availability.




A Game Changer

Our brand WOODS marks a high point in our commitment to quality and R&D. under this brand we have introduced products like Floor Springs, Glass Patch Fittings, Shower Hinges, Sliding Systems, Telescopic Channels, Hinges, Furniture Accessories and a variety of premium quality products. WOODS also signifies a significant blend of fine raw materials and technological excellence. What’s more, our collaboration with some of the most reputed manufacturing houses aims to bring you newer and more efficient products in the near future. All our products are being manufactured under ISO:9001 standards.

Durability & Affordability

We offer ground-breaking designs with rugged durability that have won us a reputation of first-class mark.


Superior Quality

In a perfect fusion of form and functionality, quality is both visually pleasing and experimentally satisfying.

Constant Innovation

Innovation is an elusive concept, but more than technology it is innovation that is at the heart of product superiority.

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